Uncharted Supply and Yeti Teamed Up on the Ultimate Survival Kit

The Basecamp isn’t a go-bag. It’s a go-box.

Uncharted Supply Co Yeti Basecamp
It's not a cooler, but go ahead and throw some emergency beers in there just in case.
Uncharted Supply Co.

The purpose of owning a go-bag is so you can grab it in an emergency at a moment’s notice, throw it on your back and have everything you could need. So I can understand why a “go-box,” that is decidedly not wearable, may seem oxymoronic. 

That’s not stopping us from being excited about a new collaboration between the cooler overlords at Yeti and the survival kit savants at Uncharted Supply Co. Christened the Basecamp, it’s a Yeti GoBox filled with Uncharted’s first-rate preparedness gear that we’ve previously written about in their Seventy2 Survival Systems. Except this time, it’s not just enough gear for one or two people — this thing packs enough for a family of four.

Never heard of the GoBox? While you’ve been fawning over the coolers, Yeti has also been in the toolbox game, and this virtually indestructible container holds everything from air filtration masks to emergency food to a shovel/pickaxe. They’re calling it “the finest home preparedness product on the market,” but it’s also tailor-made for throwing in your vehicle as well. 

Looking to gift this to the burgeoning doomsday prepper in your life? It looks like it can still get there in time for Christmas, just select Priority Mail at checkout. 

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