Look at This Portable Grill. It’s Frickin’ Adorable.

Colorful, collapsible and small enough for a fire escape BBQ

May 15, 2018 9:00 am

The era of the portable grill is well upon us, and options abound.

Some are stylish. Others durable and tough. And this latest ware, from UNA Grill, is just downright fun.

With a range of bright pastels offerings (reminiscent of iPod Minis, for our money), UNA has locked down the perfect portable grill for the summer months, a lightweight, lighthearted option that will perfectly complement any summer picnic’s bright colors, from the bell peppers to the checkered blanket.

grills (2 images)

Importantly, though, the UNA is more than just its colorful casing. That lid actually pulls off and clamps on to the bottom of the apparatus, creating a stand. You build it piece by piece from there, adding the ash collector, charcoal grate and cooking grate, all easily assembled for cooking and easily disassembled for a trip to the dishwasher. Other notables: grilling slots for skewers and a leather handle when the whole puppy’s packed and mobile.

The UNA was fully funded on Indiegogo, and can be purchased here. Check out their site for more information.

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