Is This the Most Stylish Desktop Computer Ever Made?

The newest member of the HP family is all about home design

September 1, 2016 9:00 am

The strengths of a desktop PC: superior computing power, bigger screen and no discomfiting laptop heat.

Weaknesses: They take up too much space. Also: ugly.

Keeping with the best and pushing out the worst: the new HP Pavilion Wave.

Looking more like a friendly, portable Bluetooth speaker — more on that in a minute — the compact Pavilion packs a ton of computing power into its tiny fame: 6th gen Intel processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM memory, optional AMD R9 470M graphics card (the kind that’s good for high-power gaming), and an array of ports hidden in the back.

Given its unique triangular shape (it measures 6.81″ x 6.62″ x 10.29″), HP claims an 85% reduction in volume compared to other tower models. It also makes the device portable —and usable as, say, a media hub.

Remember what we said about looking like speaker? Well it (sort of) is one: HP collab’d with the sonic gurus at Bang and Olufsen on the Pavilion, offering 360 degrees of sound through the vented sides and a built-in mic to interact with your A.I. assistant Cortana.

The Pavilion launches in September 16.

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