This Sonos Discount Will Make You an Instant Audiophile

Take up to $150 off a decidedly smart sound system

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Fun fact: Your beautiful flatscreen 4K TV doesn’t have the sound to match its visual chops (because of the “flat” part).

So great visuals and billions of colors, sure, but you’re only getting half the picture, so to speak.

You need to pair that visual splendor with a soundsystem. For the technically uninclined, the lazy and/or people who appreciate a great deal, I highly suggest buying Sonos’s new Beam soundbar and two Sonos One smart speakers.

That’s my setup at home — and a setup that took less than five minutes to complete — and I now have amazing surround sound for my TV (which made The Haunting of Hill House about five times as creepy), Alexa controls (which is good and bad) and a Wifi system in the living room for when I just want to listen to music. 

While the Beam isn’t on sale, Sonos is having one of their rare sales for the Sonos One, offering $20 off of one and $50 off a set of two (you’ll want to buy two). This also includes the new HAY Sonos One, which adds some much needed color to the brand’s staid black & white offerings — love that vibrant red colorway.

Bonus: The Connect:Amp, which turns your great old speakers into smart speakers that play nice in your new Sonos universe, is also $100 off.


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