This Sleek New Phone Charger Might Be the Fastest Ever

Slim, lightning fast and now 30% off

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I have three needs for a phone charger: It has to fit in my pocket (jacket definitely, pants hopefully). It should charge all my devices quickly. And the charger itself should not take a day to charge.

Looks like the Apollo Traveller by Elecjet might be my dream power bank.

Weighing just 200 grams and about the size and shape of an iPhone XS,  the Traveller will fully charge in 18 minutes, and then charge your device (iPhone, Android, even MacBook) up to 13x faster than a typical power bank (Digital Trends tested it and said it’s the fastest charger they’ve ever used … and yes, you can charge devices while the Traveller is charging).

The secret ingredient here is graphene, an incredibly strong and dynamic composite that conducts well and dissipates heat better during fast charging (it’s also great for headphones).

The Traveller starts at $59 on Kickstarter, but the slightly higher-priced sets come with additional adapters of your choice and are probably the best way to go. In any case, they’re 31% off the future retail price and ship in April.

For a Kickstarter, that’s damn quick.


Photos: Elecjet.

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