This Pocket-Sized Adapter Will Change How You Travel

A tiny plug that’ll charge your devices in 157 countries

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Packing for my recent trip to Portugal, I spent an hour looking for my bag of adapters, then tried to figure out which one would work (note: this is a good site for figuring that stuff out in advance).

There had to be a simpler solution. And Evo appears to be just that.

Look, there are already some worthwhile global adapters out there, but they tend to be rather clunky and occasionally hard to figure out.  The Evo Charger, however, is slim (0.8” x 1.2” x 2.7”), light (1.8 oz) and pretty much dummy-proof: It’ll easily fit in your pocket, works in 157 countries and can charge any two Lightning, Micro USB or Type-C devices at once. And you can switch between different plug types with pretty much a swipe of your thumb.

Plus, there are plenty of failsafes (over-voltage, surge protection, etc.) built in, which is a necessity when traveling abroad. Don’t want to fry that iPhone, do you?

Right now, the Evo is $22 during pre-order, with delivery in March — after that, it’ll go up to $32. And if you buy in bulk, you could save up to 44%.


Photos: MicroNovelty

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