This Handsome Heritage Folding Knife is 40% Off

This Handsome Heritage Folding Knife is 40% Off

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A confession: even having worked at men’s lifestyle publications for a whole bunch of years now, where the degree to which my co-workers and readers have been obsessed with very fancy and very expensive knives, I have never quite understood the appeal, aside from being able to acknowledge that they’re often very beautiful. I’m in no way knocking it, of course; I’m very much on board with any type of irrational obsession with needlessly expensive things. This just doesn’t happen to be one of mine.

For my own knife needs, which rarely extend beyond having to open the odd Amazon package or wrestle a new toy from its packaging for one of my kids, I can’t quite justify dropping the hundreds of dollars I know you easily can if you’re so inclined. So the Au Sabot Le Thiers, which regularly sells for $100, is more up my alley. And, good news: It’s currently on sale at Huckberry for a mere $59.

The folding knife features a 12cm carbon-steel blade and a handsome buffalo horn handle that also houses a corkscrew. Au Sabot has been around since 1870, making knives in the Thiers, France, a region known for its rich knife-making history.

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