This Is the Swiss Army Pipe. Admire Its Genius.

Just don't put it in your carry on. For multiple reasons.

March 14, 2017 9:00 am

From punching holes in soda cans to hollowing out apples to carving up pumpkins, the Swiss Army Knife has long been a boon for innovative pot-smokers in need of a pipe. Possibly after employing one of the above methods, someone had a revelation: make the knife itself the pipe.

Featuring many of the standard features you’ll find in a Swiss Army Knife (two blades, tweezers, screwdriver, bottle openers, etc.) the High Knife is a multi-tool that doubles as a pipe and also includes other handy smoking tools like a pipe cleaner, tweezers and a roach clip.

Pipe Knife (2 images)

While you’ll probably want to leave it out of your carry-on luggage for multiple reasons, the High Knife could be a valuable camping companion, especially for those don’t always remember to pack their favorite smoking device because of entirely unrelated short-term memory issues.

The knife is marked down to $39 for a limited time and can be delivered by the end of March.

For tobacco use only (wink, wink).

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