Stüdenglass Provides a Superior Smoking Experience

The hefty price tag of this modern gravity bong is worth every penny

March 18, 2024 11:06 am
Stüdenglass Gravity Infuser on a terrazzo table in red and yellow lighting
She's a beaut.

My first experience with a gravity bong was in college. My neighbor filled a dollar store bucket with water and turned an empty Hawaiian punch bottle into a smoking device. It worked well until someone tripped, fell and smashed the whole contraption to smithereens, but it was also a very harsh experience. It was difficult to regulate how much smoke you were taking in, and it usually ended in a coughing fit and the ability to do little more than sink into the couch for an hour or two.

I never thought I’d use a gravity bong again, but then the Stüdenglass Gravity Infuser came onto my radar, and here we are. With a promise to deliver “smooth, consistent and vaporous draws” and contactless consumption, I was intrigued — and my husband, who had already read about the device, was very interested in its modern technology. So we decided to try it, and it’s become an integral part of our smoking routine. Here is our honest Stüdenglass review.

a woman using a Stüdenglass to smoke oysters outside on a rooftop
Yes, the Stüdenglass can smoke food, too.

How the Stüdenglass Gravity Infuser Works

Think about how those DIY gravity bongs function. Water works together with gravity to push smoke upwards so you can inhale. Stüdenglass uses the same science, but with much more sophisticated technology. The device is built with borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, and the mechanism spins 360 degrees. You fill one of the globes with water — as you light flower or heat dabs, you turn the Stüdenglass upside down, and the water falls to the bottom globe as the top globe fills with smoke. Turn the device again, and the smoke is pushed out of the tube for you to inhale. The hydrated, cooled smoke is force-air delivered, meaning you don’t even have to put your mouth on the tube when you inhale, making it perfect for a germ-free shared smoke sesh.

You can also use Stüdenglass as a hookah with shisha tobacco or with wood chips to smoke food and cocktails. I haven’t tried these features yet so I can’t speak to them, but it shows that the device isn’t just for enjoying cannabis.

Stüdenglass Modül
Stüdenglass Modül

Essential Accessories

Although the cooled smoke that comes out of the Stüdenglass is much less harsh than your average bong, it was still a lot for my lungs to take in (my husband, bless him, has no trouble at all). That’s where the Stüdenglass Modül comes in. This is essentially a device that turns your gravity bong into a vaporizer, which makes it feel like you’re barely inhaling smoke at all (and offers an instant high). The full-color display lets you to customize the temperature and session time, and there are tanks for both concentrate and dry material. So we snagged the Modül for Concentrate but also got a Dry Material Tank so we can use it for either type of cannabis. 

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Things to Consider Before Spending $1,000 on a Bong

While I admit that I could smoke out of pretty much anything and be happy, my husband has been up on the best of cannabis technology for decades. While I’m in awe of the Stüdenglass, it’s really his opinion you should consider — he says this is the most advanced smoking technology he’s ever seen and a true advancement in the cannabis industry. I also can’t stress enough how solid and well built it is; the premium nature of the materials is apparent. But I want you to know all the facts before taking the plunge.

First of all, it’s not very intuitive to put together. While it does come with instructions, you’ll definitely have to watch a couple of videos to do it right. There are plenty of them out there, so it’s not a huge deal. But even after successfully assembling the Stüdenglass, it did leak, and my husband had to bust out a hex key to tighten it, something that wasn’t in the instructions initially. 

The Stüdenglass also doesn’t come with a hose holder, so it kind of just flops around if you don’t spend the $14.95 to add one on (in both of our opinions, this should be included with the device). Also, we love the vaporizing Modül so much that we haven’t used the Stüdenglass without it ever since we got it. But the hose holder doesn’t attach properly if you’re using the Modül, which is a design flaw (but certainly not a dealbreaker).

The Verdict

If you have $1,000 to drop on a bong, you should 100% buy the Stüdenglass. It’s a high-quality product that delivers such a smooth, sophisticated smoking experience, it’s difficult to go back to other types of bowls and water pipes after using it. Do you need it to get a good high? Of course not — but it’s certainly a nice luxury to have if cannabis is a part of your everyday life.

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