Deal: The Perfect Music Player for Runners Is $20 Off

It syncs directly to Spotify, and is currently $20 off

Mighty Vibe Music Player

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The iPod Shuffle was a little ahead of its time.

Remember that thing? It was a little square, not much larger than a quarter, and it clipped onto your shorts or shirt, allowing you (in theory) to listen to music on a run. But it came out in a pre-wireless era, needed headphones with a cord, and could actually be pretty annoying.

Fast forward to today, and the entirely wireless, running companion music player has been perfected. It’s called Mighty Vibe, and it syncs to Bluetooth (so have a pair of athletic earbuds handy) and Spotify. Meaning all you gotta do is have a playlist primed, lace up those sneaks nice and tight, and get out there.

For a limited time, you can take $20 off a Mighty Vibe/carrying case package with code ROOMY. Head here to choose a Mighty Vibe, here to select a carrying case, and then enter the code at checkout. If you think you don’t need a carrying case, think again. Our Creative Director has spent many a day wandering around the house yelling “Where the hell is my Mighty Vibe??” which can lead to … confusion.

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