The Best Beach Towels for Every Beach and Non-Beach Occasion

Stockpile your car trunks and linen closets

May 9, 2019 5:04 pm

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Though the beach towel is best known for its appearances at the place it was named for (or any body of water — pools, lakes, rivers you probably shouldn’t be swimming in), its usage transcends mere sand-related outings. Beach towels are backseat car-dog-hair protectors, impromptu picnic blankets and always handy when you’re standing naked in front of your linen closet realizing you have no clean bath towels.

For a towel that’s used so often and taken just about anywhere, it should not only be equipped to dry you off, but easily portable, durable yet soft, and of course stylish enough to complement your great attention to detail (and not give off the impression that you actually just happened to find it in the trunk of your car).

So here’s a brief selection of beach towels we deem fit for every beach — and non-beach — occasion.

Shammy Travel Towel
Super-durable, dries quickly, and easily portable, this Rumpl Shammy towel is perfect for camping or beach trips, and resists all the things a beach towel should: stains, sand, odor, pet hair.

Black XL Classic Stripes Recycled Towel
A towel more so for lounging, but big enough for two. Made from recycled cotton and polyester, this XL striped beach towel is sand resistant, and the company donates 10% of profits to preserve marine life.

PackTowl UltraLite Microfiber Towel
Features absorbent microfiber fabric that soaks up 4 times its weight in water, and can be easily wrung out. And includes a zippered storage pouch for easy drying and packing. Towel sizes range from hand and face to body and beach.

Mallorca Beach Towel
Woven with soft Turkish Aegean cotton, this towel not only feels as soft as it looks, but also features high absorbency and density for quick drying. Plus the bold stripes and hand-knotted fringe give it a classic maritime look.

Beach, Please! Giant Towel
A towel you definitely won’t buy for its quality, but that’s okay. Made from terry cloth, this bold and bright oversized towel is to mark your territory wherever you may lay it, and look good doing it.

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