Staff Picks: Our Editors Name Their Favorite Pieces of Waterproof Gear

April showers incoming? We've got you covered.

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Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of all the stuff our editors have been digging on recently. This week, we prepare for the rainy season with a complement of our favorite water-resistant items.

Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof
I own a pair of waterproof olive green Chucks that I can no longer find on the interwebs. It’s my favorite pair of shoes (next to some very specific plaid Chucks I saw in a Time Out New York style spread years ago that I had to track down on a Canadian shoe site … what’s your deal, Converse?), but this variation is damn close: a unisex, fleece-lined, waterproof high-top. They’re also currently $50 off. — Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor


K-Way Quarter Zip Pullover
K-Way was founded in 1965 by Leon Claude Duhamel, and aside from having one of the most Frenchiest names this side of Jacques Cousteau, he made a very stylish and practical garment in this packable rain jacket. They easily fit into a pouch the size of a fanny pack and come in both understated colors (grey, navy, white) and more vibrant ones (orange, red, green). The beauty of these are in the small details, such as the bright trim on the zipper and the undeniably cool K-Way logo that looks like the lovechild of a low-budget American retail chain and a Japanese racing conglomerate. This isn’t the only option for looking swaggy in a rainstorm, but it’s certainly near the top of the list. — Eli London, Director of Partnerships and User Acquisition

Buy It Here: $100

GoPro Dive Housing
In the summer of 2013, I went cliff jumping in St. Cloud, Minnesota with some friends. We had a GoPro secured inside their waterproof housing and took turns holding it while hucking ourselves into the swimming hole. But we were younger and dumber and didn’t have it attached to a handle or wristband, so when my brother landed a head-turning belly flop, the camera shot out of his hand and sank 116 feet to the bottom. Months later, in mid-October, I got a Facebook message from the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team saying they had recovered the camera during a search — and it was still dry and working. (They found my Facebook page because my license plate was in the footage.) To this day, I swear by GoPro’s equipment, and if anyone at the company reads this and wants to use my story, I could use an updated setup hint hint. Alex Lauer, Senior Editor


Gravel Explorer Plus Dopp Kit
It often shocks me that for a thing that is VERY frequently in contact with wet bathroom surfaces, more dopp kits aren’t 100% waterproof — nothing against canvas or leather as textiles in general, but also not trying to bring any of that hotel countertop H2O with me when I check out. And to be honest, the exterior of this number from crowdfund kings Gravel might be the least interesting thing about it, as contained within is a treasure trove of specialty pockets that keep my grooming accoutrement appropriately balkanized (lookin at you, toothbrush), as well as a handy removable clear TSA bag for speedy airport liquid scans. — Danny Agnew, Creative Director

Buy It Here: $79

Hunter Original Chelsea Boot
I can’t remember the last time I tied my shoes. My sneakers are broken in enough where I can slip them on without serious foot maneuvering, but even with the shoes I don’t typically wear, I’ll shove my foot in there and hope for the best. Who has the time to sit down, slide their feet into a pair of shoes and tie them? Probably people who aren’t late to everything and have nicer shoes than I. But anyway, this is what I appreciate about rain boots, like these classic Hunter Original Chelsea Boots. The boot is handcrafted from natural rubber, features a quick-dry woven nylon lining, and a lovely rear pull-tab for easy entry. They’re also durable enough for those sketchy dark puddles that form in the subway that I can’t always avoid. Logan Mahan, Editorial Intern


JBL Charge 3
Some enjoy the smell of sizzling bacon in the morning. Others, napalm. One thing no one likes is to smell you, which means you have to shower. While you do, the JBL Charge 3 is a perfect companion and can keep you informed of all the latest in news and sports. And if you’ve got multiple showerers (separate or otherwise), the Charge 3 is compatible with up to three smartphones or tablets at a time, so everyone can take turns playing what they want. Soap up. —Evan Bleier, Staff Writer

Buy It Here: $100

Dear Clementine Shower Curtain
Each morning I waddle to the bathroom, my hair sticking up like a macaroni penguin, and dutifully hit play on Another Day. I put my contacts in, I brush my teeth, I apply deodorant. I wet my hair and comb it to the side. It’s a dreary, somnambulatory ritual, and always performed with a bad attitude. Oh, you don’t want to go in right away, Mr. Contact?! Yeah?! That’s how we’re gonna start Wednesday?! Keeping me sane is this shower curtain from Society6. It’s a bunch of oranges on a teal background. With … flowers or some kind of blossoms in between? Or maybe they’re peaches. I have no clue. I love fruit, and the warm colors ease my mind. Plus, it’s waterproof — kind of crucial for a shower curtain — and visitors unfailingly mention it after finishing their business, which I look forward to.  — Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor


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