Point. Shoot. Edit. Share. It’s that easy.

Gnarbox revolutionizes the shoot-and-share game

By The Editors
October 21, 2015 9:00 am

Used to be a camera took pictures.

It still does. But it also does … other stuff. Underwater stuff. Fits in your pocket stuff. Gets affixed to a tiny helicopter and follows you around stuff.

Given all that, you’d think there’d be a camera that can shoot, edit and share a video to every person on the Internet by now.

And there is. It’s called Gnarbox.

Gnarbox is a comprehensive video-editing suite that fits in your back pocket. Its claim to fame: being the world’s first device that can download, organize and edit 4k videos and RAW photos … from your smartphone.

It’s a 2015 solution to a 2015 problem. Namely, having to use various cables and devices to share a video of your kid eating a lemon with everyone you know.

Gnarbox combines a Wi-Fi hard drive with a quad-core processor, a dedicated GPU, up to 7 hours of battery life, 4GB Ram and one very user-friendly mobile app. What that means is that you never have to miss sharing the surf, sail or mountaintop view again.

Using a lightning-fast compression technique allows one to quickly and simply download and choose the best moment. Click, clip, filter, share.

You can preorder one now for a none-too-shabby, limited-time deal.

We recently tested out the system for ourselves with an assist from New York’s Classic Car Club.

Our findings: Get one.

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