Deal: Take 50% Off One of the Simplest Home Security Systems Around

The Wet Bandits don't stand a chance against SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe home security system
Grab a $125 discount on SimpliSafe's 8-piece home security system on Amazon.

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The home security market is flush with options promising simple, carefree solutions. But somehow, some way, instead of making our lives easier, they’ve instead burdened us with more notifications (We’ve detected movement!), more stress (Is it a burglar? Oh, it’s just the dog.) and more time on our phones checking the live video feed to make sure the Wet Bandits aren’t pilfering our Christmas presents. 

If you want a truly plug-and-play home security system, that works with the virtual assistant Alexa, you’d do well to pick up a base model from SimpliSafe, the eight-piece version of which is currently almost 50% off on Amazon.

The pieces in question include the base station (which features a 95 decibel siren), keypad, four entry sensors, motion sensor and panic button. But for good measure, they also throw in a yard sign and window security stickers because, let’s be honest, those are almost as important as the devices themselves. 

A couple things to note: No, there are no cameras included in this bundle, but most people probably don’t need that, especially with SimpliSafe’s 24/7 monitoring that can contact the police, fire department and medical dispatch. That monitoring does however cost a monthly fee (starting at $15, with no contracts), which is pretty standard, and it includes access to the app to control everything via your phone. But the bonus of this bundle is that you get the first month free.

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