Products of the Week: Bob Dylan’s Bourbon, An Ice-Making Cooler and Catalina Swim Shorts

The 12 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

July 16, 2022 9:34 am
a collage of Myles Apparel Swim Trunks on a blue background with the "Products of the Week" logo in an orange box overlayed in the middle

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: Heaven’s Door’s newest release, Dometic’s powered cooler makes ice-cold drinks a portable reality and Myles Apparel releases the best pair of trunks we’ve seen to date.

a orange Tagine from Our Place on a green table scape with food
Our Place

Our Place Tagine

For slow-cooking juicy, flavorful meals Our Place’s new Tagine will not only produce comforting, flavorful dinners but will look good doing it. That’s because the conical-shaped, North African cookware is handcrafted from durable clay in Morocco by skilled artisans, so each Tagine is unique.

a model shot of the Dos Equis Margarita Cans
Dos Equis

Dos Equis Margartia

It’s the summer of RTD cocktails. Getting in on the action is Dos Equis who recently launched a 10% ABV Classic Lime flavored margarita that blends smooth Blanco tequila and fresh lime juice in a can.

three wathces in muted tones on an earthy background

Staple x Fossil Limited-Edition Sundial Watch

You know all those upstart minimalist watch brands that have been everywhere over the last few years? This is the exact opposite of that. This is the Long Island iced tea of watches — no idea, no matter how crazy, was left out of the mix. Fossil dialed up streetwear icon Jeff Staple, who is celebrating 25 years of his brand, and together they concocted a design that merges two ‘90s archival watches (Fossil’s sundial and hologram timepieces), adds in an automatic movement for practicality, is wrapped in terrazzo-styled silicone and plops the final product in a collectible egg. Like a big ol’ dinosaur egg. If you like your wristwatches to stand out (and we’re not just talking about the gnomon), this is for you.

two black outdoor bags on a grey background

Matador Flatpak Dry Bag

Much like Matador’s previous gear, the Flatpak Dry Bag has been designed with one thing in mind; peak performance (cue Rocky music). Engineered to an IPX7 waterproof rating, the bags come in 8 and 2 liter sizes, ready to protect whatever stuff you packed that can’t handle the elements quite like you can.

 collage of merchandise like hats, hoodies and tess from the upcoming movie Nope on a white background
Nope/Universal Pictures

Nope x Jide Osifeso Capsule Collection

You know that thing about not wearing a band’s T-shirt to their concert? We’re going to make an exception to that idea with this collection. To celebrate the upcoming release of Nope (Jordan Peele’s latest, which we’ve been looking forward to all summer), designer Jide Osifeso created some of the best movie merch on the planet. The eight-piece capsule collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts and a twill hat inspired by the alien (it has to be aliens, right?) thriller that drops next week. Bonus: Universal Pictures is making a donation to the Compton Cowboys and their Compton Junior Equestrians program alongside this release. Yeehaw.

a bottle of Heaven's Door Bourbon and a glass in front of a fireplace
Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door Spirits Decade Series #001: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The newest artistic contribution from Bob Dylan? A straight bourbon whiskey that’ll make you sing. Released by the award-winning Haeven’s Door, this 10-year bourbon is the first release in a trailblazing new collection of premium whiskeys, curated out of a true labor of dedication and patience over time. Kinda like Bob.

four ghostbusters actions figures from Hasbro on a spooky background

Hasbro Selfie Series Action Figure

Wow, Hasbro is going allow you to create classic action figures in your own likeness by using facial mapping technology via their newly minted high-tech Hasbro Pulse app service to churn out 6″ mini-mes for 60 bucks a pop?? That’s so co…uh…wait…that’s so…uh…it’s pretty creepy, huh?

a product shot of a sweater, best and hat from the Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge collection
Ely Phillips

Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge

Returning in collaboration with visual Artisst Geoff McFetridge, Scandinavian retailers Norse Projects dropped a minimalist multi-piece clothing capsule that places itself firmly at the intersection of the design and nature Venn diagram. In Norse Projects’ words, the collection is “designed not merely as gear for the trip, but as a narrative on how technology, myth and sustainability influence our perception of the outdoors today.”  Do we understand exactly what that means? Nah, but we trust them. Boy, do we trust them — just look at how sick that sweatshirt is!

a black and white icemaking cooler on a grey background

Dometic CFX3 55IM Powered Cooler with Ice Maker

If you’re familiar with Dometic’s high-end coolers, you’re either serious very serious about chilled beverages aboor you’re a little too comfortable with the phrase “van life.” (or both!) Regardless, while a $1,200 cooler isn’t in most people’s budgets, the CFX3 55IM is well worth it; boasting some serious power — enough to freeze ice inside the cooler — and a rugged shell, nothing quite compares.

a model in a pair of Myles Apparel Catalina Swim Trunks
Myles Apparel

Myles Apparel Catalina Swim Trunks

The Catalina Swim Trunks are, for our money, about as close to the ideal swim trunks as you can get. Four-way stretch fabric, zippered pockets, a modest 6″ inseam; what more could you ask for?

a collage of spider man teeshirts on a grey background

Kith Spider-Man Capsule

Fancy yourself a web-head fanatic? Interested in the hype-er things in life. Your gonna love Kith’s Spider-Man capsule, featuring a bevy of friend neighborhood graphics on a ton of tees and hoodies. Too bad it sold out immediately.

a blue razor/vibrator from Freya on a grey background


Freya is “the razor with a secret.” Its secret? Not only does the ergonomic razor delivers a close, smooth shave it also…doubles as a vibrator with six powerful modes. We know, sounds slightly dangerous, but don’t fret, the blades twist off before you go to town. Perfect for traveling or users who want a seriously discreet plaything.

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