Deal: All of OtterBox's Bear-Resistant Coolers Are on Sale

It’s about time you upgraded your beer chest

OtterBox Venture hard coolers
All OtterBox coolers are 30% off today through Saturday, including these Venture models.

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We are in the middle of an arms race, people — a cooler arms race. We remember back in the day when we were thankful to have a Coleman or even a styrofoam hauler to keep our beer, camping provisions and even bait cold. Now, we’re lousy with options, from Yeti to Pelican to OtterBox.

The competition has quite honestly reached ridiculous levels. Fun fact: Both Yeti Tundra and OtterBox Venture hard coolers are certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (no joke, that’s a real thing). When designs get that detailed, how do you choose? Today through Saturday, OtterBox is offering 30% off all of its coolers, and considering these things are all over $200 to begin with, that incentive is hard to beat. 

As you’ll see, OtterBox hard coolers come in almost too many colors. We prefer the classics, like the all-white, and some of the web exclusives, like the Frosty Dew. Although, if you really want to get crazy, you can slap an American flag or some Realtree camo on top (we’re not judging, because we’ll be at least six-feet away from your campsite). But the hard coolers aren’t the only things that are on sale — the brand makes a mean soft-sided cooler, all of which get the discount too, and we especially like the backpack-enabled Trooper LT 30.

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