Get 30% Off the Original Yoga Mat and Start Stretching

Touch your toes in 30 days with an assist from the Tapas

Get 30% Off the Original Yoga Mat and Start Stretching

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Yoga dates back well over 2,000 years, to the fifth century BC. But the first yoga-specific mat was only invented 30 years ago, by Utah-based Hugger Mugger.

Before Hugger Mugger’s Tapas Original came along, mats weren’t engineered for the rigor of poses and sweat that accompanied modern yoga. They moved around too much on the floor and wore away too easily. Then Hugger Mugger introduced a lightweight, durable, sticky yoga mat that could handle any asana, and changed the game.

These days the breadth of yoga mat options can be a bit overwhelming. But there’s no need to overthink this. Stick with the original mat, which is generally affordable at $33, and even easier to pull the trigger on now that it’s available at a 30% discount. If you’ve never tried yoga and have no intentions on starting, get one anyway. Every aging man and woman should be engaging in tissue work and stretching for fifteen minutes each night. It’ll be way easier to start that routine on the Tapas than on your living room carpet. For pointers, find our guide on how to touch your toes in 30 days here.

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