Why Is This Nike Duffel Bag Just $25?

We're confused. And you should make moves.

Why Is This Nike Duffel Bag Just $25?

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Back in March, we rounded up the perfect gym bags for every use case. That list included superlatives for the “Best Office Appropriate Gym Bag,” the “Best Workhorse Gym Bag” and five others. Not one was under $40, and a couple were over $200. Transporting trainers and activewear is not exactly a bargain affair.

Except, apparently, when it comes to Nike’s Gym Club Duffel Bag. Somehow, this more-than-suitable bag is just $22. The Lululemon T-shirts you put in it will cost twice as much. Our best guess for the discount is some combination of size, and Nordstrom Rack doing Nordstrom Rack things. The site is currently hosting a Nike sale, and the duffel is admittedly on the smaller side.

At less than two feet wide, and with a relatively spartan design, it won’t be carrying your laptop. But it has more than enough space for all your gym gear, and you’ll look good hauling it around. There’s a decent amount of color options left, and each displays the vintage all caps NIKE racer logo.

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