Is It Just Us or Is Mr. Coffee’s Cousin Kind of Hot?

Newton makes better coffee, less waste

October 3, 2017 9:00 am

In the same way that historians use B.C. and A.D. to differentiate historical eras, we also use those two terms to divide our mornings into separate sections: Before Coffee and After Drinking.

Much like early man, we tend to be a bit primitive during the B.C. stage and need things to be as painless as possible which makes simple gadgets like this straight-forward brewer appealing.

A collaboration between an older designer and younger engineer, the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker is a minimalistic machine that relies upon a non-electric level press to craft cups of brew.

Crafted to be durable, simple, clean and functional, the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker only needs boiling water and fresh coffee grinds to brew and each quality-tested model is assembled in New Zealand from high-grade wood, aluminum, and stainless steel parts, no plastics allowed.

Newton Espresso (3 images)

In addition to being tidy in its looks, the Newton Espresso Coffee Maker is also less wasteful as it only leaves behind coffee grinds — not pods or filters.

“Newton’s design centers around the ritualized coffee making process,” the designers say. “In our opinion, drinking coffee is only half of the enjoyment — crafting the coffee is the other.”

To keep your mornings out of the Stone Age, the Newton Espresso is on Kickstarter for $365.

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