How Did It Take Humans 125K Years to Invent the 1-Lb Roll-Up Grill?

We're talking restaurant-quality sear marks, people

May 2, 2017 9:00 am

A camping excursion without a grill is like a bird without a song, a biscuit without gravy, a hut without a diving board — incomplete.

The same can be said for a camping trip without an argument about who has to schlep said grill.

Bison Camping Equipment is hoping to change that narrative, and to that end they’ve designed a foot-long grill that weighs just over a pound, can be assembled in under a minute and then rolled up into a two-inch-diameter bundle for easy transport.

The Bison Rolling Grill’s cooking area is made of aluminum that’s been treated with non-stick Teflon coating and its cross pieces are hollow which theoretically should prevent burn marks from showing up on food (although we doubt it matters if Uncle Eddie is manning it).

Roll Grill (4 images)

Equipped with stands for staking it over a campfire, the lightweight cooker can also be used on top of a permanent grill that’s already in place.

The item is funding for $49 on Kickstarter and Bison plans to start shipping worldwide in July.

Get your roll on, everybody.

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