Deal: Master & Dynamic's Sporty New Earbuds Are at Their Lowest Price Yet

The first time the MW07 Go wireless 'buds have been on sale

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go
Bloomingdale's is offering $80 off Master & Dynamic's new MW07 Go
Master & Dynamic

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We’ve been touting Master & Dynamic’s MW07 as our ideal wireless earbuds for quite some time.

And just as we’re testing out the just-launched MW07 Plus (a review is coming any day now), we learned about an incredible deal on M&D’s other new release, the MW07 GO.

Essentially, these are similar in shape and looks to the MW07, but they’re built for your workout. They feature an IPX6 water resistance rating and they’re built from the same material as professional sport eyewear.

Admittedly, the material here isn’t quite as eye-catching as the MW07’s acetate build, and the battery life isn’t up to the MW07 Plus’s 40-hour mark (though 10 hours on their own and up to 22 hours with the case is pretty solid).

But they’re cheaper to start ($199 vs. $299 for the Plus), and now Bloomingdale’s has the electric blue colorway for just $119 and change, the first time we’ve seen a deal on these.

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