Deal: Leatherman’s Sale Section Is Stocked. Time to Grab a Multitool.

Discounts include pliers-based tools, pocketknives and more

Leatherman Juice CS4 Multitool
The 15-tool, pliers-based Juice CS4 is just one of 12 Leatherman multitools currently on sale.

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Over the past few months, Leatherman has been in the midst of its biggest product launch since the company invented the multitool: the Free Collection. The three different “series” are all based on first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture, and it’s all terribly exciting. 

Equally as exciting? Now that they’ve all been released, it seems like Leatherman is looking to offload some of its non-magnetic, but still just as useful, multitools. Since the last time we checked, four new models have been discounted and added to the sale section, and the brand doesn’t slash prices lightly, so now’s the time to pick one up.

The new discounts include two EDCs, the nine-tool Squirt ES4 and the six-tool Style CS, as well as the kid-friendly Leap for your progeny and the decidedly not-kid-friendly Crater c33Lx pocketknife with blade launcher. But the best deal overall is on the beefy, all-purpose, pliers-based Juice CS4 which is currently $20 off.

Or you could just grab a brand new, fancy pants, magnetic Free P2. It’s worth it, promise.

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