The 7 Accessories You Need for the iPhone 11

Our favorite cases, cords, chargers and more

iPhone 11
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The new round of iPhones are here and — minus the ridiculous iPhone 11 Pro camera set-up — they’re actually affordable and worth buying

And if you’re buying, you’ll need accessories: Chargers, power banks, cords, screen protectors and cases, to start. While some companies are a few weeks away from introducing iPhone 11 and 11 Pro compatible gear, several third-party vendors are ready to outfit your new smartphone with protection and power.

Below, 7 current accessories we’re liking:

Anker PowerPort Wireless Stand 5

Desk charger: Anker PowerPort Wireless Stand 5

Set your iPhone 11 horizontally or vertically so you can still message, text and watch videos while you’re charging.

PowerPort III Nano

Fast charger: PowerPort III Nano

Since wireless charging isn’t always possible … While the iPhone Pro comes with fast chargers, the iPhone 11 still comes with the usual, terrible (albeit tiny) 5-watt brick. If you want to keep that minute size but upgrade the power, Anker’s compact charger provides 18W in the exact same 5W cube. (You’ll also need a cable.)


Portable charger: Innens Qi Wireless Charger

A wireless charger, a portable power bank and a travel wall charger with two USB outputs and the ability to charge four devices at once. (If you want something a bit more pocket friendly, the AIDEAZ power bank is your travel battery pack of choice).

Mophie 3-in-1

All your Apple devices charger: Mophie 3-in-1

A wireless charging pad that’ll power up your AirPods, Apple Watch and newer model iPhone, all in dedicated areas on a nice black fabric pad.


Clear case: Totallee Clear

You don’t want to hide those bold new iPhone colors — dig the red — and Totallee offers the thinnest transparent case (0.03”) with extra grip protection. And it’s $10 less than Apple’s version.


Multipurpose case: Bellroy 3 Card

Forget your wallet. Here, you can tuck a few necessary cards discreetly behind a tough, colorful leather/polymer casing. And that magnetic lid can also prop up your phone to make video watching a bit easier.

Amplify by Otterbox

Screen protector: Amplify by OtterBox

Yeah, the glass on an iPhone 11 is tough, but you’ll want some extra protection — and Amplify not only protects against scrapes and scratches, it’s edge-to-edge protection and anti-glare.

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