Vacuum Packed

By The Editors
February 8, 2013 9:00 am
Vacuum Packed

Vintage sound: Analog. Warm. Soulful.

Modern sound: Digital. Cold. Weirdly obsessed with Taylor Swift.

Here to bring you yesteryear’s resonance: BlueTube Audio speakers and amps, available now for pre-order.

Started by a pair of designer brothers who love “functioning art” (see their prior creation, the steampunk-y ClockOs), BlueTube offers a refined line of vacuum tube amplifiers, titanium cone speakers and subwoofers. 

Why vacuum tubes? While the century-old tech has its drawbacks (less energy efficient, needs to warm up), they produce a more defined, richer sound.

And, as the young-ish designers note, they look “freaking awesome.”

And they do look as sharp as they sound. The cherry wood case is rubbed with linseed oil and hand-crafted from locally sourced lumber. The volume dial has weight. And when in use, the exposed tubes glow warmly.

Not that it’s all ‘55 in there. The amps include a Bluetooth receiver with voice command and a USB charging port.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the speakers and amps are available for pre-order now, for shipment in April.

So yesteryear’s sound, this year.

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