Hyperice Just Released Its Smallest, Most Affordable Massage Gun Yet

Introducing the Hypervolt GO


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Recovery fitness company Hyperice has had one hell of a year.

The brand partnered with stars like Patrick Mahomes, Naomi Osaka and Ja Morant, and it’s now standard fare to see some of its compression sleeves or percussive therapy devices in use along sideline. We also talked to a ton of trainers this year — including Michael B. Jordan’s trainer, Corey Calliet — who invoked Hyperice products when discussing their fitness essentials.

It would appear, though, that Hyperice has one last trick up its sleeve in 2020. Today it launched the Hypervolt GO, which, at 1.5 pounds and $200, is its smallest and most affordable massage gun yet. The release is a necessary response to the Theragun Mini, the wildly successful drop from main competitor Therabody earlier this year. While Theragun created an entirely new shape for its smallest gun, Hyperice simply made a 30% smaller version of its traditional Hypervolt.

The result is a quieter, highly portable device that doesn’t skimp on quality. Thanks to a brushless high-torque 40-W motor, the GO can still manage 3,200 percussions per minute. It features three different speeds and two different types of heads, so you target “hot spots” in your lower back, glutes or calves at different angles. One big takeaway we’ve learned from testing smaller percussive therapy devices: bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. The bigger machines were just made first. In some ways, having a lighter, more ergonomic option makes it easier to address problem areas.

Plus, it’s certainly easier on the wallet. Shop the drop here.

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