Really, Who Wouldn’t Want to Receive a Marshmallow Crossbow as a Gift?

The perfect gift doesn't exi...

December 7, 2020 10:30 am
MMX Vancouver Marshmellow Crossbow
MMX Vancouver Marshmellow Crossbow

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Holiday shopping for someone who’s been meaning to take up archery but probably isn’t entirely prepared to kill something? We’ve got you. The handcrafted MMX Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow from Huckberry is capable of shooting marshmallows up to 60 feet and is adjustable based on the softness of your ammo. At $99, it’s not quite a gag gift — definitely more for the genuinely aspiring arbalist in your life — but who wouldn’t want to be in possession of a Mallow Bow come Christmas Eve with their in-laws? Nock, draw, loose!

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