This Tiny Security Device Locks Down Your Entire Digital Life

A password manager and key that fits in your pocket

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It’s good to have security in your own hands.

So in lieu of trusting major tech companies and “the cloud” with all your personal information, Hio’s created the Key, a Tile-esque piece of hardware you can stick on your keychain that’ll get you secure and fast access to all your devices.

Hio encrypts and locks your data inside a chip, then unlocks and auto-fills all your logins and passwords with a simple click or double tap. It also sports a six-character analog PIN, so if you lose the device, nobody will be able to crack your digital safe (incorrect attempts result in escalating time delays).

As well, Hio Key locks your PC when you walk away and unlocks when you return.

Hio Key is currently $26-$29 on Kickstarter, or up to 41% off the future price. An extra $10 nets you a leather keychain.


Photos: (Top to bottom)  Hio Technologies

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