Here’s a Quick Hack to Get Apple Products at a Discount

Slight wear and tear could equal 40% savings

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Apple is not known for their sales, so you have get your deals where you can.

One exception: the tech giant’s Certified Refurbished store, which, as MacRumors just discovered, has added the 2018, sixth-generation, 9.7” line of iPads for up to 15% off. Doesn’t sound like that much, but it’s $50-$80 off, depending on the model.

If you’re scared about the word refurbished, Apple’s fine print offers some promises that other stores can’t: all the iPads are tested come with new batteries and a new outer shell, are backed by a one-year warranty, and offer free delivery and returns. They also arrive in a new box, cleaned and loaded with the most recent operating system.

While supplies are limited, MR also suggests using the handy Refurb Tracker to get alerts on when your favorite “like new” Apple products go back on sale (which could save you up to 40%, according to their site).

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