Upgrade Your Beach Bag With a Combination Table/Speaker/Charger

Necessary? No. But at 54% off, you can make worse purchases.

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A day at the beach is actually no day at the beach. You have to lug tables, chairs, speakers, coolers, chargers, etc. to a remote yet crowded spot, all in the name of “takin’ it easy.”

GoPortable wants to cut that mess in half. It’s an all-in-one charging, power and speaker table that folds up into a portable shell and only weighs 12 lbs.

Let’s break it down:

It’s your table: Concealed storage drawers, pullout cup holders and a removable bottle/wine opener are some of the perks here. While you can’t sit on it, the corrosion-resistant folding legs and water-resistant materials mean it’ll stay stable enough for drinks and survive a bit of wear and tear.

It’s a sound system: The GP features stereo Bluetooth speakers with a 5W/channel class D amplifier, along with an auxiliary port for devices and actual tactile buttons to start, stop and change volume. From the audio test in the video (see above), it seems like it’s not gonna blow anyone away … which is fine. You’re on a beach, guys — nobody outside of your circle needs to hear the Dad Rock 2009 playlist.

It’s a charger: With a wireless charging station as well as USB-C and dual USB-A ports, you’ll get 4-5 charges for your phones (plural) before the removable battery needs its own powerup.

Right now preorders for GoPortable are $159, or 54% off the future retail price, with shipping in August.


Photos: GoPortable

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