This Smart Lock Acts Like a Personal Doorman

Gate: Every high-tech security gizmo, in one small keypad

October 17, 2016 9:00 am

Security is your number one issue. Not just now. Like, always.

You want to feel safe. And that starts with your house — who’s coming, who’s going, who’s delivering.

For those of us who don’t live in a Manhattan high-rise, Gate is the ultimate safety solution. To everything.

It combines all the latest high-tech security features into one simple (but very smart) lock: motion-sensor, camera, remote access, keypad entry, temporary passwords, two-way audio and much, much more.

Take five minutes to install, and you’ll never worry about who’s visiting again.

Basically, Gate simplifies and condenses the best elements of recent security options — Canary, Lockitron, August, etc. — into one keypad lock and an app. And it can wed to pretty much any deadbolt. After you install and pair with your WiFi (again, all in about five minutes), you’ll be able to use the lock’s camera and motion sensor to allow whatever access you need, all from your smartphone.

Think: Mobile notifications every time someone steps to your door. Two-way audio to talk/yell at your visitors (“Get off my lawn!”). Temporary access codes for delivery people or Airbnb visitors. You can also access live video feeds (via a 720p HD camera) or remotely unlock the door. As for the keypad: you can set it up so you know exactly who enters and leaves based off their code.

Gate only needs recharging once every four months. The company says it utilizes military-grade encryption and has no subscription fees.

It’s currently available on Indiegogo for $249, with delivery in March.

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