You Don't Need to Be an Outdoorsman to Appreciate This Filson-Helinox Collab

The packable chairs, tables and cots are ideal for camping and social distancing

Filson Helinox packable camp chair
Spend your summer in the new Tactical Sunset Chair from Filson and Helinox.

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Forget preppers, it was your average camper who was most prepared for the time of social distancing. Even though campgrounds across the country closed, they were at their local parks with packable camp chairs, tables and backpack coolers weeks before anyone else was taking advantage of the lax public-drinking laws.

That’s what makes the new collaboration between Filson and Helinox so ideal for the moment. Yes, the limited-edition line of packable chairs, hard-top tables and cots are worth considering for anyone with real-deal outdoor plans this summer, but the chairs and tables in particular are no-brainers for anyone who needs a socially distant park setup.

For example, the star of the collab is the Tactical Sunset Chair, available in coyote tan or shrub camo. It only weighs 3lbs. 4oz. and can pack down into a stuff sack, but it’s built with taller legs and a higher back for better support than most competitors, and it can hold up to 320 lbs. In other words, you can add it to your backpacking gear no sweat, or you can throw it in a tote and bring it to the park for your outdoor happy hours. The line also includes the Tactical Hard Top Table that weighs even less, as well as the ingenious Tactical Cot One Convertible which has two height settings.

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