We’re Having Trouble Resisting This $29 Nike Backpack

Love at first click

We’re Having Trouble Resisting This $29 Nike Backpack

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The retail Sirens are singing loud today.

We just came across this NSW Packable Backpack from Nike ACG on END, and we’re having some serious trouble resisting the urge to immediately have it shipped to us in Brooklyn.

It’s $20 off. Its colors must have taken someone an entire afternoon to name, which is a wonderful thought. (They settled on “Geode Teal” and “Midnight Spruce.”) And it’s part of Nike’s All Conditions Gear line, a collection of outdoor essentials meant to survive in any situation, but designed to look like the gear equivalent of a disco ball.

Which, in this case, is a very good thing. This is the backpack the one cool kid per square mile at Coachella wears over his shoulders. Maybe we’ll use it for hikes (it has ripstop fabric and a bevy of compartments, after all), or maybe we’ll just wait in lines around the city fishing for compliments. It’s $29 well-spent either way.

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