A New Service Lets You Fly Now, Pay Later

Didn't Ben Franklin have a quote about that?

September 8, 2017 9:00 am

Fly now, pay later.

A simple enough concept, and one that’s on offer via Bliss, a new app which allows users to instantly book a flight from a list of cheap fares that have been culled from more than 200 sites, and then pay for the trip in installments over the course of up to a year.

A few hypotheticals: pay for a last-minute flight from LA to Santorini for $103 per month, a flight from New York to San Francisco for $41 per month or a trip to Dubai for $84 a month.

Bliss makes its money from the commission fees airlines pay when users book via the app, and essentially allows you to do the same thing as using your credit card to buy a flight, with the bonuses of automatically earned discounts, free flights and price alerts. Users who qualify will receive up to six months with 0% APR to pay off their trip. (It’s worth noting others may receive rates of 10% to 20%.)

The financing Bliss offers, which comes via an independent financing partner, is not mandatory and users can pay for their flights outright while still taking advantage of the other perks of the app.

The service has yet to roll out in full, but you can sign up to get in on the beta testing period here.

[Editor’s note: We’d be remiss not to advise taking the same personal cautions and financial assessments you’d make before signing up for any other buy-now-pay-later offers, credit cards or otherwise. Be prudent, friends.]

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