Need a Cast-Iron Upgrade? Barebones’ Dutch Ovens Are Almost 50% Off.

Three sizes of the pots are on sale

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What was your most recent cookware purchase? Was it an appliance meant to speed up your daily dinner prep, like an Instant Pot? Or maybe it was some newfangled tech meant to simply your kitchen, like a sous vide setup?

The pre-seasoned cast-iron Dutch oven from Barebones, three sizes of which are heavily discounted up to 45% off, checks both of those boxes. But unlike the gadgetry of today, these hardwearing pots will still be cooking long after you’ve eaten your last meal (and your Instant Pot has been sent to the dump).

The Dutch ovens are available in two-quart, four-quart and eight-quart sizes, and feature thoughtful design that’ll make all the difference when cooking, like easy-pour sides and a rounded bottom for simple cleaning.

BUY IT HERE: $25 – $75

Admittedly, cast iron requires a little extra care on the part of the cook (not cleaning with soap, seasoning after use) and that, paired with using an old-school Dutch oven, might be more than you, the casual cook, feel you can handle. Not so! Pretty much any one-pot recipe you love can be made in these bad boys; Barebones notes three-layer enchiladas, but simple casseroles, braised meats and stews are all no-brainers. And for this price, these pots are no-brainer additions to your kitchen or camping arsenal. 


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