Take 30% Off a Carbon Steel Model of the Landmark Pulaski Axe

Designed for firefighting. Ideal for chopping kindling.

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If there’s one axe hung next to your well-stocked woodpile, make it a Pulaski. Specifically, the hand-sharpened carbon-steel Barebones Pulaski axe currently on sale at Huckberry for 30% off.

It’s named after one Edward Crockett Pulaski, or “Big Ed,” a hero of the U.S. Forest Service for leading a group of firefighters to safety during the Great Fire of 1910. Soon after, he perfected a combination axe-hoe tool which was adopted by the agency and eventually hailed as “the supreme fire tool” by historian Stephen Pyne.

This modern version, from the conscientious gear makers at Barebones, takes the iconic mattock-esque head and connects it to the pommel via a solid steel core, all wrapped in durable beech wood. In plain English, this one’s a hefty swinger ideal for splitting logs and feeding your fireplace, rather than carrying through the woods to fight fires.

BUY NOW: $95 $135

But this is one chopper you won’t retire when the frost melts. Thanks to the rounded adze on the back end you’ll be shaping wood, digging roots and getting your green-thumb on in the most virile way possible. Just don’t wait until spring — this sale won’t last.


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