This Is the Lowest Price We’ve Ever Seen on AirPods

Amazon's hosting a surprise deal on Apple's earbuds


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While rumors fly that Apple’s next gen AirPods will have a noise cancelling function, that doesn’t help you now.

If you want AirPods, get them now; they’ve never been cheaper. Amazon surprisingly dropped the price on the most recent version of Apple’s funky earbuds by $20.

You’re either a fan of the AirPod design or not, but these are pretty much the best buds you can buy for your smart device, at least as far as sound, fast charging and quick access to Siri (just say “Hey Siri”).

One caveat: These won’t ship until May 9th.

As for some of the worries people have about AirPods, we have suggestions: To deter theft, disguise the charging case as dental floss. Don’t like white? There are skins that change the case and pod color (we really dig the red). Afraid of losing the buds? Slip ’em into a handsome leather keychain clip.

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