If You Own Great Wireless Headphones, You Definitely Need This Accessory

AirFly solves one major problem, and it’s never been cheaper

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Admittedly first-world travel issue: You own a $300+ pair of great noise-cancelling, wireless headphones (like these).

Then you get on your transAtlantic flight, ready to tune out the world and binge watch a lot of mediocre in-flight entertainment. And you realize … you forgot your cord. You know, the included cord that you chucked aside because the entire reason you bought these cans was to free yourself from the tyranny of audio cables.  

And now you’re struggling through I Feel Pretty or Solo with airline earbuds.

AirFly is your simple solution. This tiny transmitter from Twelve South allows you to use AirPods or any wireless headphones where a wire was previously required, just by plugging it into your seat’s headphone jack and pairing it with your headphone of choice. Also great for gyms, the Nintendo Switch and other places that still rely a wired connection.

AirFly is currently 15% off and the cheapest it’s ever been.


Photo: Amazon.

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