Tom Colicchio and Grant Achatz Designed Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool

A French-made roasting pan courtesy of two American chefs

Made In Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan
Cold weather is here. Holidays are upon us. Does your kitchen need Made In's Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan?
Made In

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“Talk about return on investment — this will last forever.” 

Take a look at your cookware. Does that quote describe any of your pots and pans? If you’re relying on nonstick throwaways and bottom-shelf brands from Target, probably not. And if that’s the case, direct-to-consumer cookware brand Made In has just the thing to step up your home chef game in time for cooler-weather cooking needs and the holiday gauntlet: the Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan.

Actually, that opening quote comes direct from American chef Tom Colicchio, who you know intimately from your long nights bingeing Top Chef. He helped design this roasting pan alongside Alinea Group’s Grant Achatz and the Made In team to be a versatile workhorse that’ll also look good arranged artfully on a dinner party table. But that thing about it being an “investment” is a little misleading — this thing is only $99. 

If you haven’t heard of Made In or “blue carbon steel” before, we recently reviewed the brand’s frying pan that uses the same process. Basically, it’s like light cast iron that’s been heat treated to resist rust and corrosion. So it’ll need a little extra care before first use and during cleaning, but otherwise it’s insanely durable — feel free to use it both in the oven and on the stove. 

While the pan is technically available, it’s currently on preorder and will begin shipping October 21st. That gives you ample time to make a list of all the hearty vegetables you want to roast this fall and winter. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, this puppy can hold up to a 12-pound turkey. (Are we already talking about Thanksgiving? Yes. Yes we are.)


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