How Do You Start a Copper Cookware Collection? With Made In.

One of our favorite direct to consumer companies is getting into copper

made in copper cookware
Made In just dropped its first copper cookware set.
Made In Cookware

Who hasn’t thought about buying copper cookware? You’ve probably admired the lavish, gleaming pots and pans after seeing them in the kitchen of a five-star restaurant or some chef whose Thanksgiving YouTube recipe tutorials you watch. But the price and the mystique can make it seem inaccessible.

Made In is trying to change that by offering a new copper cookware set for the first time ever. They’re one of our favorite direct-to-consumer brands in the kitchen space — one that has introduced us to blue carbon steel and some particularly good chef’s knives — so we’re happy to see them expand into this vaunted category, especially in a measured way.

Instead of offering a deluge of options, Made In has just one: a six-piece introductory set for anyone who wants to start with the basics. There’s a 1.5 quart saucepan, a 4.5 quart rondeau (the one with two handles) and a 5 quart saucier (the lids on all three make up the six pieces) — allowing you to cook everything from meat to sauces to sides, without unnecessarily complicating things. 

made in copper set
Don’t you dare put these copper pans in a cupboard.
Made In Cookware

There are many benefits of copper cookware, but the most significant is that its heat control is pretty much unparalleled; if you’re at the point in your cooking where you’re dealing with exact temperatures rather than just boiling, frying and simmering, then you should consider an upgrade. And to top it off, there’s the Made In Promise, which is essentially a 45-day trial period for you to test out the wares — but from where we’re standing, there’s no way you’re going back to plain ol’ stainless steel after this.


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