This Cheetos Duster Will Grind the Cheesy Snack Into an All-Purpose Seasoning

The limited-edition tool was created in partnership with Amazon

limited edition cheetos duster from amazon
Fingerprints included

Dedicated Cheetos fans know that the cakey orange dust that forms on fingertips is a small price to pay for enjoying the delicious snack. And Cheetos is obviously in on the joke, with marketing campaigns like the Can’t Touch This Super Bowl commercial and Hands-Free House at SXSW. Now, they’re taking it a step further by releasing a limited edition Cheetos Duster, which will be sold exclusively through Amazon.

Yes, this countertop contraption is pretty much the same thing as a mini blender or spice grinder, which people have been using to make snack food dust for years. But we have to admit that the bright orange appliance, which has a glass jug that’s cheekily stamped with orange fingerprints, is kind of a looker — and wouldn’t be out of place next to a Le Creuset dutch oven in the classic Flame colorway. Because life is about the high-low, right?

If you’re confused about how to use the Cheetos Duster, the concept is simple. You toss some of the knobby, cheesy crunchies into the jug and pulverize them to an orange sand that can be used to season a variety of dishes. Chefs have played with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos wings and Cheetos corn dogs, but you could use it to rim a Bloody Mary, season deviled eggs or garnish fried rice. Cheetos even recommends using it on things like s’mores and lima beans, suggestions that we’ll politely decline. 

The Cheetos Duster will cost $19.95, and interested parties can join Amazon’s notify list to snag one ASAP. Supposedly the gadget is super limited-edition, so act fast if you really want one in your life. And if you still don’t know what to do with the dust, a recipe page will show you how to make things like Cheetos Gyros and Cheetos Churros.


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