The Glenlivet Announces Edible Whisky at London Cocktail Week

If you’ve ever wanted to try whisky in a bite-sized form, this is your moment

Glenlivet capsules
Cocktails in capsule form: apparently, the future is now.
The Glenlivet

There are numerous ways to consume great Scotch. You could try it in a small tasting glass, or with spring water added from a dropper; you could use it as the basis of a cocktail, if you so desired. But what about consuming it directly via a small pod made out of seaweed?

No, that’s not a plotline from some whisky-centric episode of Black Mirror. Instead, The Glenlivet recently announced its Capsule Collection: a trio of cocktails in capsule form, released to coincide with London Cocktail Week. Each capsule contains 23 milliliters of cocktail — so, not exactly something that’s going to overwhelm you once you’ve consumed it. Food & Wine has the details:

To create the capsules, The Glenlivet partnered with the London bar Tayēr + Elementary, where bartender and co-owners Alex Kratena and Monica Berg crafted original cocktails for the three different varieties they are offered in: Citrus, Wood, and Spice. Meanwhile, the capsules’ casings come courtesy of Notpla, a sustainable packaging start-up. The Glenlivet says they are the first spirits brand to work with company.

There’s more about it in this video from The Glenlivet.

According to Food & Wine’s article, the capsules will be available at Tayēr through October 13. Presently, the capsules are unavailable in the United States; whether that changes remains to be seen. 

Despite the fact that they’re both small and pod-shaped, you should under no circumstances confuse them with detergent pods — those don’t taste good, and these will just leave your clothes smelling like whisky. 

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