Get Two Memory Foam Tempur-Pedic Pillows for Just $99

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Generally, you shouldn’t try to save money when putting together your bedding. Any cash not spent on a decent matress, comforter or pillows is collected down the line in unproductive afternoons at work and chronic back pain

But when a reputable bedding brand is staging a holiday weekend deal, you’d be a fool not to listen. We speak of Tempur-Pedic, and its limited-time, bonkers sale — two TEMPUR-Cloud Pillows for $99

For reference, just one TEMPUR-Cloud pillow will usually run you $79. This is top-line memory foam, ideal for back and side sleepers alike, and will immediately dunk on your current pillow. Which is why picking up two — one for you and one for the Mr./Mrs. — is the perfect play here.


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