Deal: Solo Stove Bundles Are on Sale for Grilling, Roasting or Just Relaxing

Take up to 35% off the low-smoke firepits in various configurations

Three stainless steel Bonfire firepits from Solo Stove, one with a roaring fire and two with cast iron grills on top
Solo Stoves are now available with cast-iron grills, or you can just go for the classic.
Solo Stove

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If you’re like me, you don’t own a Solo Stove but you’ve experienced their low-tech wizardry sometime during the last two years. It feels like the (just about) smokeless firepits have been the star of social distancing: I’ve sat next to them on the patio at various breweries and most recently a local art museum that built an ice bar and had a handful of these spread out in the vicinity to shelter over while drinking mulled wine-infused cocktails. I stayed warm and wasn’t breathing in bonfire smoke the whole time. It was a joy.

Now, you can finally give in and bring your own Solo Stove home as the company is offering discounts up to 35% on bundles. That means you can pick any size firepit you want (from the small Ranger to the large Yukon) and the accessories that match your intended usage. 

For example, if you’re just looking for the basics, you can pick up the stainless steel Solo Stove with a stand so you don’t burn a ring into your deck. If you’ve got kids and/or lots of snow, you’ll want the Backyard Bundle, which includes a stand as well as a shield that goes on top to stop embers from escaping and a cover you can throw on the entire firepit when it’s not in use. But if starting a fire for you means food, then you’ll want the Ultimate Bundle (featuring marshmallow/hot dog roasting sticks) or the Cast Iron Grill Bundle (featuring, what else, a cast-iron grill on top of a stand above the fire). 

Whether you’ve got plenty of winter left or are lucky enough for year-round patio season, a Solo Stove will certainly up the ante of your down time.

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