This Coffee Table Chills Beer, Charges Your Phone and Is $200 Off

The Sobro raised over $1.6 million on Indiegogo

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If there’s one universal takeaway from the Super Bowl, it’s that our living rooms aren’t optimized for 2019 TV-watching.

If someone needs to charge their phone, they scrounge for an outlet. If someone needs a beer, they risk missing the play of the game. And if your speakers are hooked up to the TV, it can be a hassle to toggle between pre- and post-game tunes.

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table, currently discounted $200 on Wayfair, solves all those problems.

Featuring a refrigerator drawer with enough space for 30 beers, two standard outlets, two USB outlets, two Bluetooth speakers and Fast and the Furious-level underglow LED lights, the Sobro is the Transformer of coffee tables. And with a sleek tempered glass tabletop — that also acts as a touchscreen for controlling everything from volume to temperature — it won’t insult your partner’s interior design sensibilities, unlike that mini fridge from college.

BUY IT HERE: $1,499 $1,299

There’s even more to love about the Sobro, from the extra drawers for storing every type of USB cord to the plug-and-play setup, but you can see it in action for yourself below. (But be aware, the Indiegogo campaign is over and you can order now.)

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