Where in the World Is This Roving Shipping Container Hotel?

Now you see it, now you don't

April 12, 2017 9:00 am

In 2017, shipping containers are like The Rock: ubiquitous to the point of oversaturation.

But as long as they still give people what they want (Dwayne Johnson in endless remakes and Instagram videos, shipping containers in architecture magazines and HGTV pilots), what do you have to gripe about?

The latest cuboid creation to catch our eye? ContainHotel, a mobile accommodation staged in the Czech Republic. The five-bedroom, two-bathroom hotel was designed by ARTIKUL Studio, and was first erected on the Elbe River, near the town of Litomerice.

ContainHotel 1 (5 images)

With a main goal of mobility, the layout is simple, even by shipping container standards. There’s a bunkbed room and storage in one foundation box, a technical room and bathrooms in the other, and four identical bedrooms up top. From the front, it looks like the world’s smallest motel.

But you can think of it as a multi-family cabin crossed with, well, central Europe. Meaning: the building was designed with the environment in mind. Reused materials include the three shipping containers along with waste-wood planks from a nearby sawmill, according to Arch Daily. There are also water-saving taps and waterless toilets in the full baths.

ContainHotel 2 (4 images)

That’s the rub, though. It’s billed as a hotel, but with room for up to 13 people and only two bathrooms located downstairs, this is definitely a family affair. Or at least good friends who won’t mind you skipping off to the woods should nature call.

It’s on the river, after all.

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