Rosewood Just Renovated a 15th-Century Austrian Castle

Do you like your luxury stays with plenty of history?

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl
An exterior view of Rosewood Schloss Fuschl.

Travel to Austria’s Salzkammergut region and you’ll find plenty to do, from navigating gorgeous lakes to taking in evocative Alpine vistas. There’s a lot of history there, including a castle that looks out over Lake Fuschl with a history dating back to the 15th century. The castle’s origins date back to its construction as a hunting lodge for the Bishop of Salzburg, and it’s held a number of purposes in the centuries since then. In 1947, Schloss Fuschl became a hotel — and now, it’s under new management after completing a highly detailed renovation.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts recently announced that Rosewood Schloss Fuschl would be, as this article points out, its second foray into Austria. To hear the company tell it, that process included a deep awareness of the castle’s history — including working with local artists and designers to revamp the space inside and out. “Through expertly activities, we pay homage to the storied past of Rosewood Schloss Fuschl while ushering in a new era of luxury and cultural immersion,” said Rosewood president Radha Arora in a statement.

“It’s a testament to our commitment to honor tradition while embracing innovation, ensuring that every moment at Rosewood Schloss Fuschl is as unforgettable as it is authentic,” Arora added.

The hotel’s bar features hand-painted walls by artist Marie Hartig. In a post on Instagram, Hartig wrote that her work included being mindful of the hotel’s existing artwork — specifically, a vast collection of paintings by the Old Masters. “The composition had to work with and for them: complementing, enhancing and giving them space, while at the same time allowing the wall to be an artwork in itself,” she wrote. “It was important to find that harmony in the room with all these different influences.”

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The results are already getting rave reviews. Writing at Condé Nast Traveler, Dennis Braatz hailed the hotel for having “the best lake views in all of Austria,” and also praised the menu’s nods to regional dishes and the “zen-like state” the hotel’s spas might summon. All told, Rosewood Schloss Fuschl has 98 rooms, including six chalets; it all has the makings of a memorable stay, rooted in history.


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