Your New Reading Lamp Is Meta AF

Take a look, it’s in a book.

January 12, 2017 9:00 am

When reading particularly good prose, the world can seem a little brighter.

So Lumia went and made that feeling literal.

Their wood-bound books provide actual light — not the metaphorical literary kind.

Crack open the portable Lumio lamp and you’ve got ideal illumination for reading, writing and setting the mood. But by including some magnetic pegs, a leather strap and a perforated spine that allows it to open a full 360°, the possibilities for this light go as far as your imagination. Or as far as the 500 lumens LED.

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The company notes the output is slightly brighter than a 40w bulb, so we’re talking supplemental lighting here. But since it will run eight hours on a full battery (charged via USB) and the “pages” are made of water-resistant DuPont Tyvek, it’s handy to carry around in case the sun goes down and you feel the urge to tell a ghost story.

Originally funded on Kickstarter, you can now pick up a dark walnut or blonde maple full-size Lumio lamp for $190. Or you can score a smaller moleskine-esque Mini Lumio+ for $125.

Take a look; it’s in a book.

Main photo via Roger Ogden
Inline photos via Lumio

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