How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Temple for Under $300

Make the loo paradise again

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The bathroom is the most volatile space in an apartment or home. 

It can descend from oasis to disarray in the span of a weekend. And if you’re not diligent, will stay that way for a month. 

Your best defense against an upsetting bathroom is a reliable rotation of basics. Take a look at your bath mat, your toothbrush holder, your shower curtain. How old are they? Are they functional? Do they make you happy?

If your answers to those questions go something like: “Gosh, I have no clue,” “Eh, they get the job done,” and “Huh?” it’s time to address the space. Lucky for you, we just sourced a range of discounted products from Wayfair — from automatic soap dispensers to drying towel ladders — that’ll help you completely “redo” your bathroom for just $300. 

Our findings? A few Benjamins goes a long way. Below, see our 10 picks for a better loo. 

Woodrow Waste Basket
Your bathroom bin has definitely taken a beating. Say goodbye, and pick up this Umbra model at a great price.  


simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump
This motion-activated dispenser will turn you into a soap snob in the best way. Helps you avoid those constant sink soap spills, it’s a hit at parties and allows you to order your soap in bulk cartridges, so you’re never running to the store post-baby back ribs. 


Stephentown Bath Rug
Simple, subtly stylish and a great size. The white center will hopefully discourage you from committing that cardinal sin of using the toilet with mud-tracked shoes on. 


Benedick Toothbrush Holder
For the lovebirds who don’t want their brushes touching, and the OCD who can’t stand to see one hang-dry over a sink. 


Gelman Single Shower Curtain
People really oughta change their shower curtains more often. It’s neither expensive nor time-consuming process, and is undefeated in freshening up a bathroom. Here’s a straightforward option that’ll get the job done. If you want more of a statement curtain, head over to Society6.


Chabot Cotton Swab Container
Cotton swabs. Sure. Everyone knows this thing is for q-tips, and for those nightly ear cleanings you can’t seem to give up, no matter what science has decided

BUY NOW: $25

Rustic Wood Blanket Ladder
Towels technically shouldn’t be washed every time you use them, or the fibers will break down well before their life expectancy. Of course, using yesterday morning’s rank, somehow-still-wet bath towel isn’t generally desirable. But if you have the space, pick up a blanket ladder. Lay towels out over each rung for natural, wholesome drying, allow for a couple uses, then give them a proper run to the laundry room. 


Two Bamboo Laundry Hampers
We’d recommend not challenging the laundry gods per the photo above, and separating your reds/maroons/indigos from your whites. Grab two bamboo hampers — they sell $17 apiece. FYI: that interior canvas can be removed from the outer hamper and tied up for easy portability. 


Paxton Bathroom Tray
The bathroom’s answer to the catch-all, basically. Great spot to place the toothbrush holder, washcloths, tissues, etc. 


Kent Bathware Plunger and Holder
Because the whole operation could go south fast if you don’t have one of these. 


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