Deal: Burrow Solved My Biggest Couch Conundrum. Grab One for Up to $600 Off.

Here’s why I recently bought furniture from the direct-to-consumer company

A close-up photo of a Burrow Nomad Sofa Sectional Couch in an apartment on top of a rug with a blanket draped over the back
After over a month of searching for the right couch, I bought this Nomad Sofa Sectional from Burrow.
Alex Lauer

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I recently moved to a different state and left a majority of my furniture behind. (It wasn’t heirloom-worthy, and I wanted to road trip to my new home in something other than a box truck.) So I’ve been in the unenviable position of furnishing my new apartment over the last couple months. The bane of my existence has been the living room couch. But I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of a Burrow Nomad Sofa Sectional.

You could be too, for a lot less than normal, because from now through October 17 the direct-to-consumer furniture company is throwing a Fall Sale with discounts up to $600 off depending on how much you spend ($100 off $1,000+, $200 off $2,000+, $400 off $3,000+ and $600 off $4,000+, no code needed).  

But why did I pick Burrow over every couch company, you ask? I’ve owned everything from elaborately upholstered vintage couches to IKEA sleeper sofas to second-hand leather monstrosities, so I know what I’m looking for. In my new apartment, it seemed relatively simple: I wanted a timeless couch that could look good in any room and fit up three flights of narrow stairs in my older building. I actually ordered a couch from Article before realizing a one-piece sofa wouldn’t fit around the corners of the stairs.

Burrow solves that problem better than any other company I’ve encountered. When I ordered my couch (with a sectional, mind you) it came in six different boxes. So no matter how historic (read: old) your building is, this couch will be able to make around the tightest of corners. Also, the proprietary assembly is even easier than IKEA — a series of pins and latches hook the sofa together quickly and painlessly, and it will come apart just as easily. That last part is essential for my girlfriend and me, since we’ll be moving again within a year or two. 

A Burrow Nomad Sofa Sectional in grey sitting on a rug with a blanket draped over the back
If you buy Burrow’s Nomad Sofa with a sectional, you can swap it for a standard cushion easily or switch it to the other side.
Alex Lauer

There are plenty of other reasons to love Burrow, from the built-in charger to the scratch- and stain- resistant fabric. But from personal experience ordering, setting up and loafing on their Nomad Sofa, it’s the convenience factor that makes it worth buying. 

And the one-couch-in-many-boxes design isn’t just for people in heritage apartment buildings. If you need one for your cabin or other vacation home, bring a Burrow along in your SUV during your next trip. If you have an upstairs room and don’t want to hire someone to bring a sofa up through the window, carry it yourself box by box. There are plenty of use cases, but if you want to get one at a discount, you only have until October 17 to figure that case out.

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