Upgrading to a Buffy Comforter Is the Smartest Thing You’ll Do Today

Good sleep is worth every cent

Buffy Comforter

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We’re firm believers here at InsideHook that elevating your bedspread is worth every cent you spend on it.

If you can justify the occasional way-too-expensive Uber home from work drinks, you can afford to think carefully about the mattress, pillows and comforter you spend a third of your life in.

As far as comforters go, we swear by the Buffy Cloud. I bought one myself earlier this year and declared it “Michelin-Man-gorging-on-Fluff level comfy.”

Buffy is a fledgling DTC brand, and clearly tested the hell out of its comforters. They have a smooth, satin touch, help regulate body temperature, and are threaded with high-end eucalyptus fibers. Pair them with a Casper and some Tempur-Pedic pillows and you’re in business.

And you can now find them in Full, Queen, King and California King sizes on Huckberry.

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